Distance Learning Support

How do I Connect With My Teacher?

You'll need any device with a camera, speaker, microphone, screen and an internet connection. Watch the video below "Getting started with Google Classroom".

Online classes start Monday, March 30

Google Classroom is the gateway for distance learning

Phones or Ipads: Downloaded Google Classroom from the App Store

Windows, Mac or Chromebooks: Go to https://classroom.google.com in a browser (chrome, safari, explorer)

Log into Classroom using your child's/student username and password supplied to you in an email by your teacher

Other Tools

Google Meet


Phones or Ipads: Above apps can be downloaded from the App Store

Windows, Mac or Chromebooks: Platforms can be accessed in a browser (chrome, safari, explorer)
meet.google.com, https://zoom.us/join

Still need more help?

Online tech support on Monday, March 30

Noon meet.google.com/csn-ibuj-sgi

7pm meet.google.com/qsz-nthv-aeq

If you cannot log in to Google Classroom using your student account, please contact Christinem@wateroflifecs.org

Getting Started with Google Classroom

Go to classroom.google.com- or download the Google Classroom App to your phone or Ipad.
Log in using your child's NEW wateroflifecs.org username and password sent to parent emails on Friday, March. Watch the video How to Join a Google Classroom

How to Join a Google Meet- video session with your teacher

How to View and Complete Assignments in Google Classroom

How to fix audio/video settings Windows 10 for video meetings

Muting your Microphone in Google Meet